A professional career which enables you to see the world, work with people and share with others what you are passionate about is an idea that many would love…. it’s probably the Dream Job. Some call it the BEST job in the world. Some have this very honorable desire to share their knowledge and expertise to help others grow as a person and in their career.

What better way to do that than to become a professional trainer and do what you really love? It is not just for the money but then the money is GOOD. More importantly, it is to create a dream life style that you deserve. REAL people are living this DREAM job.

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Why Certified Professional Trainer?


8 Reasons why people want to be a Certified Professional Trainer


CPT is unique. It helps me to discover myself. I always thought I was doing things right until I came for this programme. After 2 weekends, I have lots of things to do; mindset change, carry out my training business better and many more. I am beginning to unlearn a lot of old habits.

Robert Leong Principal Consultant & Trainer, Malaysia February 4, 2016